Rules and Judging

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  1. Breeders enter a min­imum of 3 dogs to a max­imum of 5 dogs – making up each Breeder’s Team of the same breed.
  2. The breeder must be the “breeder of record” on all dogs entered in the Team. (Co-breeders are permissible.)
  3. Cana­dian Kennel Club as well as for­eign reg­is­tered dogs are eligible.
  4. Spayed or neutered dogs are eligible.
  5. Exhibits must be over 6 months of age.
  6. Entry fee is $30 per Team
  7. Exhibits do not have to be entered in the reg­ular Caledon Kennel Asso­ci­a­tion shows.
  8. Dogs can only be entered in one Team.


  1. The Royal Canin National Breeders’ Classic will start midday on Sat­urday, November 25, 2017.
  2. Teams will be divided into two units* (Group A and Group B) by a draw Friday morning. Just prior to the start of judging, the judge for each unit will be drawn.
  3. Each unit will be judged by one of the Royal Canin’s selected judges.
  4. Four Final­ists will be selected from each unit to advance to the Finals to com­pete for Best in Classic and Reserve Best in Classic Awards.
  5. Judges will judge the Teams as a unit to eval­uate the overall quality of the breeding pro­gram as rep­re­sented by the Team – its con­sis­tency of breed type and soundness.

*NOTE: If the entry exceeds 60 Teams, the entry will be divided into 3 units, with 4 final­ists chosen from each unit.

Sched­uling and Ring Pro­ce­dure

Judging for the Classic will be sched­uled so entered Breeders’ Teams will not be judged at the all-breed show during the Breeders’ Classic. Please ensure that you have suf­fi­cient han­dlers to show your team. We will bring the dogs in each unit into the ring in breed size order.