Why A Purebred?

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Smooth Collie


That’s one of the plusses of picking a purebred dog. There are undeniable advantages to knowing in advance just how big your puppy will be as an adult, how much grooming he will require and how easy he will be to train. Fortunately, the CKC recognizes nearly 200 breeds, so the choices are plentiful as well.

Health testing

Responsible breeders carefully select and test their breeding stock. Don’t be fooled by breeders of ‘designer mixed breeds’ and their claims of healthier dogs. If a breeder can’t provide you with physical proof of their dogs’ quality – health certificates, championships and/or performance titles, which is an excellent indicator of temperament and trainability – walk away.

Fun activities

There are many CKC events for registered purebreds. Some events are breed-specific, but activities such as tracking, obedience, agility and flyball are open to all breeds. Any dog can be a great dog, but a purebred dog can open a whole new world of sport for its owner.

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